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The 4 steps to your items

1. Shopping cart contents
Please check the list of items in your cart, modify their quantity and determine their properties when allowed.

2. Customer data
Please fill in your contact information. This is your personal information and not necessarily the same as the delivery data.

3. Review of data
This section features all information about your purchase. The option to modify the purchase information remains available.
If all information is correct, you may complete your order.

4. Payment by PayPal
PayPal is the world's most popular online payment system, using the e-mail address to identify the user. PayPal online payment method is used for small and medium amounts. It is based on your e-mail, personal password and a consequently changing protective code. Getting into the PayPal system is free and easy. All your information is protected, since the financial data, card and account numbers are hidden. So your financial data are never shared, not even seen by your online retailer.
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